Grace And The Color Of Sound

Within the framework of the European Heritage Days 2017, “Grace and the Color of Sound”, is an original creation by Organ’Phantom, presented for the first time during the Festival Echo À Venir #6 at the Théâtre Femina (Bordeaux, France), and subsequently programmed in several festivals, including the Sonar Festival 2018 (Barcelona, Spain).

This piece mixes live music with New York artist M.Sayyid from Anti Pop Consortium, 3D animation by Mathias Cazenave and dance with Roxane Bonnet.

The dancer’s body, highlighted by 3D animation projections, comes to life in a scenic and virtual space thanks to trompe-l’oeil techniques and thus evolves in the visual volumes, to the rhythm of M.Sayyid’s album, “Error Tape 1”.