Anton Bdvs

Anton Bdvs, whose real name is Anthony Boisdevesys, is a self-taught musician, DJ and video artist born in 1980 in Bordeaux. He starts with the guitar then the bass in various pop/noise, shoegaze then metal formations where he will hold the turntables (scratch).

His passion for machines pushes him to set up various musical projects more electronic, oriented drum and bass, hip-hop and IDN (General Bulbex, Look For Device, Echowired).

In 2018 he switches to audiovisual creation where he likes to create images and sound design where synthesizer sounds, orchestral samples and field recording are mixed. In 2019 he participates in the piece Mirage Ô Miroir with Yosi Horikawa, then 2020 in the piece Anitya exhibited in Les Bassins de Lumières with the collective Organ’Phantom.