Little Bits is a series of small educational electronic modules distributed by Korg. They allow users to build small machines themselves. Each element allows a transformation of the electrical signal into action. They are pre-designed to be light, sound, action, motors and sensors, and are magnetized together. They can be the animation of a robotic arm, the activation of a LED strip or the transformation of the electrical signal into a sound signal. In our workshops, the public is led to discover the electronic systems that make up analogue instruments such as synthesizers or effect pedals in a playful way.

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Workshops already carried out


Mériadeck Library of Bordeaux

In 2017, as part of the Fête de la Musique, the Organ’Phantom association, in partnership with the Mériadeck Library in Bordeaux, created a “Little Bits” workshop with 3 speakers from Lyon to introduce children to the world of electronics via small electronic modules that can be assembled like Lego.

01.09.2017 | 30.06.2018

Animation center of St Pierre in Bordeaux

Subsequently, the association has proposed during the school year 2017/2018 workshops in electronic awakening at the animation center of St Pierre in Bordeaux.

The children were initiated through a creative and playful process to the composition of their first electronic circuits.


Placette Munich in Bordeaux

A “Little Bits” workshop was also proposed as a closing event of the 2018 edition of the Echo à Venir festival during an educational day in the Munich square in Bordeaux.