Dès l’Aube

09  | 18 | 2020 & 09  | 18 | 2021
Place du Palais Gallien
126 rue du Dr Albert Barraud 33000, Bordeaux.

Broadcast on Saturday, September 18th 2021 in live stream on the Facebook pages Organ’Phantom Prod and Bordeaux Culture and the Youtube channel Organ’Phantom Stream

“Dès l’Aube” is a video-mapping show, created by the Bordeaux collective Organ’Phantom, under the artistic direction of Marie Laverda, with Pablo Gracias for the video, Anton Bdvs for the music and Marie Emmanuelle Allant Dupuy on the harp.

In Bordeaux on 18 September 2020 & 18 September 2021, the work will be projected during three performances on the ruins of the Palais Gallien, punctuated by sound interludes.

“Dès l’Aube” will highlight the Palais Gallien through an original artistic evocation, inspired by its history and the legends that surround it. The show will invite us to live a timeless moment at the foot of the oldest building in Bordeaux and will bring back to life for an evening these vestiges of the Gallo-Roman period, in a contemplative and ghostly atmosphere.





“Dès l’Aube” combines historical interpretations and experimental devices, which allow us to imagine the Palais Gallien at different times and transform the ruins into real contemporary and digital paintings. This colossal building, built at the dawn of the 2nd century, is the symbol of a bygone era when Bordeaux was still called Burdigala. The Palais Gallien is the impassive witness of Bordeaux history and every day for nearly 1800 years, a new dawn reveals the stones that adorn the oldest vestige of the city.

Far from the fervour of the Roman arena, the Palais Gallien has been long abandoned over the centuries. Abandoned among the vines, sometimes malfamous, the site was relegated to the point of becoming a rubbish dump where the buriers were dumped, before being partly destroyed to be sold in plots. The stones carry within them the scars of the passing of time and the weight of History. The Palais Gallien is a source of narratives where historical realities, hypotheses and fantasies are intertwined. Inspired as much by History as by the legends that surround it, the Organ’Phantom collective has focused its visual and sound work around the collective imagination, in order to bring the amphitheatre back to life in a contemplative and ghostly atmosphere.

“Dès l’Aube” is a journey through time that questions the very notion of Heritage. What is heritage? What place do we give it in our contemporary societies? How do we live with it? For one evening, the Palais Gallien will regain the jubilation of the shows and become the stage of a modern theatre before “Dès l’Aube”, the remains find their sweet tranquillity.

photos crédits : Jonas Laclasse / Nicolas Marand