BVA “Bordelais Venus d’Ailleurs” (Bordelais From Elsewhere)

Video projection + film portraits + DJ sets by L’Orangeade, Bordeaux Open Air and Banzaï Lab


18:00 > 22:00
Place André Meunier, 33800 Bordeaux

Organ’phantom presents a video projection as part of the project “Bordelais venus d’ailleurs” in partnership with the Rahmi and the students of the Collège Aliénor d’Aquitaine on the façade of the gymnasium, place André Meunier.

This event will highlight the work of the students of the College in the context of International Migrants Day, on 18 December 2022. This day is aimed at the general public with the objective of dispelling prejudices and raising awareness of the contribution of migration in the economic, cultural and social fields, to the benefit of countries of origin and destination.

Based on the drawings made by the 3rd grade students of the Aliénor d’Aquitaine secondary school in Bordeaux, within the framework of “illustration” workshops supervised by the cartoonist Marion Duclos, for the Artistic and Cultural Education project coordinated by the Rahmi, “Bordelais venus d’ailleurs”, the association Organ’Phantom proposes to create animations and sound effects for these drawings. In addition to this projection, other video portraits, produced by the Rahmi, will be shown on the same theme of the history of immigration in Bordeaux.

DJ sets by the associations L’Orangeade, Bordeaux Open Air and Banzaï Lab will punctuate this extended end-of-year tea party to make it a convivial gathering for all.

Translated with DeepL