Mirage Ô Miroir – water screen projection

As part of the 2019 cultural season “Freedom! “cultural season, Organ’Phantom proposes ” Mirage O Miroir “, the original creation of the festival Echo à Venir #8.

This audiovisual performance associates the Japanese artist Yosi Horikawa for the music, the Fish & Shoes collective for the choreography and the visual artists of Organ’Phantom for the water screen projections.

“Mirage O Miroir”, inspired by the concept of freedom, is a journey to the heart of the theme of water and the relationship between man and water. At times fluid, organic and volatile, this metaphor of freedom evolves throughout the piece. Like the transformation of water, the different scenic devices used will give an evolving spatialization of the images. The mirage then rises up between the audience and the artists, then comes to confront the space thanks to the fog that mixes with the dancers’ bodies, creating an improvised and free choreography.

VIDEO YOUTUBE : https://youtu.be/xcXqafPzT58



Unclassifiable composer, Yosi Horikawa, muse of the Japanese electro scene, is an adept of “field recording”. Whether it’s the song of birds in the forest, the vibrations of the sea on the sand or other everyday sounds, everything seems to be a source of inspiration for the musician, producer and acoustician Yosi Horikawa.

As a true sound architect, he elaborates his rhythms in order to create musical pieces that are as dreamlike as they are danceable, whose natural and organic sounds are the opposite of the digital whole. He participated in the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid and has collaborated with many artists. He produced several EPs under different labels and his latest album entitled “VAPOR” was described as “best Japanese album” by the newspapers including

Since then, he has given many performances in festivals such as Glastonbury, Sónar… RBMA will produce his first documentary entitled “Layered Memories” which shows Yosi Horikawa’s work in sound recording and will be widely acclaimed when it is released. His next album “SPACES” will be released on the Kudos label on May 31, 2019.

Organ’Phantom visual artists


After studying at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Reims, Pablo Gracias joined the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Chisinau (Moldavia) as assistant curator of Lilia Dragneva’s exhibition.

Since 2016, he has been working on hybridizations between organic and digital in interactive installations such as “ALTER ITEM”, a 360° immersive performance created at the SAT in Montreal.

He participates in mediation actions around the awareness of digital tools for young people with the Little Bits workshops distributed by Korg.


Antony starts his work on audiovisual composition at the end of 2017 to illustrate the live performances of his musical project “LOOK FOR DEVICE”

In collaboration with musicians and visual artists, he likes to mix Lo-fi video and 3D audio-reactive elements in graphic and minimalist pieces.



With a disconcerting freedom of movement and expression, the Fish & Shoes collective represents a new breath of fresh air for contemporary hip hop dance in Bordeaux.

A veritable laboratory for experimentation, this new generation of dancers from Bordeaux mix styles, hip hop, contemporary and jazz. In 2016, Fish & Shoes won the City of Bordeaux’s “Prix de l’Initiative”.