Concert and Video Mapping at the Bordeaux Auditorium

The Écho à Venir #3 festival invites the city of Los Angeles to express itself in Bordeaux, Organ’Phantom imagines a meeting between the Bordeaux video artist Olivier Saint Hubert from Easter Egg Studio (Bordeaux) and a multi-instrumentalist artist from Los Angeles Low Leaf.

The former is known for her visuals and her video-mapping work; the latter for her collaboration on the album “Cosmogramma” by Flying Lotus (Alice Coltrane’s nephew) and for her talents as a composer where she combines singing, harp, piano and machines.

Rich with several encounters from previous editions, the Écho à Venir festival continues its momentum that year with this unique creation resulting from a residency in Los Angeles in December 2013, embracing the illusion of images and all the exuberance of the Beat Scene between jazz and electronic music in September 2014 at the Bordeaux Auditorium.