SDBX Closing Party #5 – La Semaine Digitale

Concert | DJ set | Vidéo-mapping

Event co-programmed by the associations Organphantom Prod, SeekSickSound and Traffic (IBOAT association) for the closing night of the #SDBX5 to Le Rocher de Palmer.

A myriad of international artists take you on a journey of experimental projects, electro lives, techno stage made in Berlin, immersive experiences and interactive scenographies!

On the programme: Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési, Nonotak (Japan), Aisha Devi (Switzerland), Awir Leon (Netherlands), Alex Smoke and Florence To (Scotland), Answer Code Request (Germany), Skudge (Sweden)… not forgetting the French (and Bordeaux) researchers: Kangding Ray, OCoeur and Die Üfer.