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ÉCHO À VENIR #8 – Mirage Ô Miroir


A symbolical and unifying art proposition

Organ’Phantom invites the japanese artist Yosi Horikawa to give us his own vision of what “ Liberté ! ” means. International known musician, sound designer and expert in  « field recording » , this 39 years old tokyoan captures sounds that surrounds us daily to transform them into music.

With Mirage ô Miroir, Yosi Horikawa aims to offer a symbolic unifying proposition for the opening of Bordeaux 2019 cultural season.

The mirage, a call of senses in urban spaces

The call of nature and the daily sounds that are widely used in Yosi Horikawa’s productions orientates the spectator toward listening and imagination. His music is put forward by lights projected on a water screen.

The particular grain that comes with such projection surfaces introduce us to the idea of the mirage’s porosity: as we get closer to the mirage, the image gets more and more diaphanous. It ends up disappearing and so freeing the Bordeaux’s architectural and environmental heritage, giving the audience the possibility to use this space that turns into a dance floor.




Unclassifiable artist, Yosi Horikawa is a star of japanese electronic music and he uses « field recording » in his artistic productions which combine Nature and urban environnement. Bird’s tweet, sound of the waves or city’s noises, everything seems to be an inspiration for this musician, producer and sound designer. His work is an eclectic mix of sound. There is so much precision and sonic detail in each track than each time you listen its a new adventure, a new sound. He manipulates percussion, ethnic chants and slightly new-age keyboards. Yosi has a knack for picking evocative sounds that speak to us, whatever the story. Sitting somewhere between locked percussive grooves and psychoacoustic postcards, his atmospheres confound as much as they reveal. Debut EP « Touch » was released on French label Eklektik Records in 2009 (re-released in 2013). In 2011, he participated in Red Bull Music Academy Madrid and collaborated with the likes of Dorian Concept, Anenon and Jesse Boykins III as well as receiving further praise for his truly unique productions from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Benji B. In 2012, « Wandering » EP was released from London’s First Word Records and received worldwide acclaim from the likes of DJ Food, XLR8R and more. Debut album «Vapor» was released in 2013 on First Word and got praises as Best album 2013 by The Japan Times, Fact Magazine etc. After releasing the album, he joined many of world class festivals, projects, like: Glastonbury, Sónar, Mutek, Dimensions, Boiler Room, LOW END THEORY,etc…

In 2015 he was invited to Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival in Sete, France and performed on the special stage called JAPAN NIGHT. He also produced a track from locally field recorded sounds, a collaboration project for the Japan Foundation with Daisuke Tanabe. The track was named «Song for Remy» by Gilles Peterson and dedicated to Rémy Kolpa Kopoul from Radio Nova. It came out as 10 Inch Vinyl on Brownswood Recordings in 2016.

Yosi’s work ranges widely. He produced jingles and theme song for J-WAVE, Tokyo’s No.1 FM station, and was invited to ANY TOKYO, art festival, as well as National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation to produced original music for their exhibitions. In 2014 RBMA produced his first ever documentary film « Layered Memories » which shows his quest for unique new sounds which was highly acclaimed. His new album titled « Spaces » will be released on 31th May 2019 on Kudos Record. He also works as a sound engineer/ producer for Kengo Kuma, Japanese top architect, as well as Furla, Italian Leather Brand. « Everyday sound is a potential sound source ».

Organ’Phantom’s visual artists


After studying at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design in Reims, Pablo Gracias integrates the Centre d’Art Contemporain of Chisinau (MOLDAVA) as an exhibition assistant commissioner of Lilia Dragneva.

Since 2016, he is working on organically and digitally hybridisation in interactive installations like “ ALTER ITEM “, a 360° immersive performance created in the SAT in Montreal.

He is doing act of mediation about digital tools education for young people with “Little Bit” workshop distributed by Korg.


Antony has started to work on audiovisual composition since the end of 2017 in order to illustrate live performance of his musical project “LOOK FOR DEVICE”.

In collaboration with musicians and visual artists, he likes to mix Lo-fi video and 3D audio reactive elements in graphic and minimalist performances.



With a confusing freedom of movement and expression, the Fish & Shoes collective is like a second wind for modern hip hop dance in Bordeaux.

True experimental laboratory, this new generation of Bordeaux dancers mixes hip hop, modern dance, and jazz. Fish & Shoes won in 2016 “ the price of initiative” in Bordeaux.


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