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ÉCHO À VENIR #8 – Acid Harmonie

In collaboration with arc en rêve centre d’architecture, Écho À Venir organizes the Acid Harmonie party where the italian artist Fabrizio Rat – La machina  breaks down boundaries between musical genres to an evening by combining grand piano and acid techno. This contrarian artist offers his own vision of “Liberté !” by combining in perfect harmony two style of music.



Audiovisual performance

The idea is simple. Take a piano, the classical and romantic instrument par excellence, and throw it into the hypnotic and powerful soundscape of techno music. Pianist of Cabaret Contemporain and Magnetic, Fabrizio toured through the festivals of France and Europe in the past years. His solo project started in January 2016 with an EP on Optimo Trax and a live show few months afterwards.

The force of human repetition, the imperfection of analog machines transports the public into an hypnotic state. A performance of this kind has rarely been seen in clubs. ‘’La Machina is my love story with the machines which created the sound of techno music. These machines are far from being ‘perfect’, they almost have feelings I believe, and they behave unexpectedly and unpredictably sometimes.”


BRN – Brune


Organ’Phantom’s visual artist


Nicolas is an artist despite itself. Today he shows his talent. In love with geometric figures, his studies reveals his spirit which is organized like a tree diagram. Web, graphic design, design, photography, sewing, offbeat humour, generosity, solidarity and love forms the basics of this artist.

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